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The Koorie Voices exhibit, located on the traditional lands of the Boon Wurrung and the Woi Wurrung peoples, tells the story of the First People of Australia with a strong focus on Victorian Aboriginal history. It is an interactive exhibition that encourages viewers to look, listen and feel. Bunjilaka is a celebration of Indigenous culture, identity and, histories. Bunjilaka is also home to the Milarri garden trail and Birrarung gallery. Thirty-eight Victorian Aboriginal languages are identifiable throughout the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Native languages are written and sound throughout the exhibition via annotations, conversation, song, and storytelling. 

Bunjilaka and the First Peoples exhibition provides a complex representation of Victoria’s Aboriginal history. Although confined to a museum setting, the exhibition encompasses the multifaceted nature of Aboriginal culture and represents the Koori community as they are now. The exhibition is an authentic description of history as it involves Indigenous peoples, telling Indigenous history.  

The Yulendj Group and other community elders are responsible for bringing the Bunjilaka Centre together. Yulendj means 'knowledge and intelligence' - a core attribute of Bunjikala.

First PeoplesEdit

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The First Peoples exhibition chronologically guides viewers through a series of culturally educational and historically significant events. The exhibition is narrated by a 'Messenger' who evolves as the history unfolds. Meet the three times throughout the exhibition as he guides you on your tour of the customs of the Koorie people. Follow the trail beginning at Wrapped in Country with the traditional possum skin cloaks of the Yorta Yorta tribe.

Located in the Creation Cinema is Bunjil's nest. Bunjil's Wing Kinetic Sculpture moves in a hypnotic flying motion to show the cycle of creation. Koorie Elders speak of Bunjil's bird song that connects to Country and Law, with a background audio of Native Australian sounds that puts one into a meditative state.

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Video 1538429817

Early Encounters educates viewers on the initial meeting of Aboriginal peoples and European settlers. The smallpox display acknowledged the vast suffering experienced by Indigenous peoples through the introduction of disease. "Mourning lost relatives, helping their spirits find peace, is at the heart of our communities".

Possum-fur cloaks- "Look, listen and feel"- An interactive Exhibition

"Celebrate us, celebrate the Country you’re on, celebrate your being." - Carolyn Briggs a member of the Yulendj Group

The Shared History display details adverse periods within Australian Aboriginal history, the Stolen Generation, and treaties. Videos of Stolen Generation survivors play alongside written word. The display highlights the resilience and continuation of Aboriginal peoples and the positive impact Aboriginal culture has had.

The displays encourage visitors to "Look, listen and feel" the exhibition. As in the display of the possum-skin cloak which provides a tactile example of the feeling of the thick possum-fur.

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Wominjeka Language - Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung

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